This morning we had an excellent breakfast as usual: eggs, plantain, salsa, and lemonade. Next, we went to the community center and both of us were painting signs to put up in the center. The manual labor group made a long chain in order to pass bricks along more easily.  This teamwork represents the strong relationships in the San Juan community and the ones already made within the Glimpsers.

This day had its ups and downs, not only with the heat but with tension among the groups. But, at the end we all worked it out and completed both signs, along with making progress on the wall and the classroom being redone. We then headed to lunch and as always Charlie came through with rice, beans, pasta, chicken, and salad. After that, we went back to work and ate lots of limoncillos (also known as the Spanish lime).  Then we headed back to the accommodations before heading out to explore the city. We both bought snacks such as Doritos, plantain chips, and chocolate.  After our explore time, we had avocado and eggs for dinner before ending our day with the usual nightly meeting.

Susan –

Today was one of the more challenging days to be Leader of the Day because everyone was working on a different part of the Community Action Project, some people were painting while others were mixing cement or carrying cinder blocks.  Yet, Gaby and I were still able to work together in a way that helped guide the group throughout the day.  Gaby was great at checking in with everyone and making sure they were drinking enough water and feeling okay while I was working among the artistic and classroom groups to make sure we were meeting our group goals.

I really enjoyed working on the sign that is going to go on the front of the community center.  I outlined all the letters with chalk and then had people from the labor group who wanted a break come and help me paint the letters.  It was a really nice way to get everyone involved with multiple aspects of the project.

Gaby –

Today was a super exciting, yet challenging day for Susan and I but we both worked together to make sure everything went smoothly because CAP days can be long and stressful. I wasn’t really nervous to be the Leader of the Day because I already knew everyone so it made it easier for me to talk in front of a large group. I made a promise to myself the night before to put myself out there and that’s exactly what I did! I went around checking in on everyone throughout the day and making sure they were drinking water as Susan had said. Over all, I had a good experience being the Leader of the Day.

I also really enjoyed painting a sign that would have all the Glimpsers’ names and the names of the community members who helped on this project. I also joined the labor group for a while to help pass the bricks. I can’t wait for CAP day 3!