Today was Live like a Local Day. We did not have any electricity (no lights or fans) nor running water. We had a simple breakfast of bread and hot chocolate made with hot water (not milk). Then we went to the Bejuco Aplastado (which means “smashed vines”) where we gained insight into their daily lives. The students divided into families, and were given various tasks to complete while also sharing some very personal conversations with that made us appreciative of everything we have. More importantly, we considered the importance of community and unity over financial wealth and material goods. Some groups headed down to the river to cool off from the heat and humidity. We then regrouped to have a delicious lunch of locrio (rice with pork) and green beans. Afterwards, we enjoyed challenging the community to games of dominoes and baseball. The Dominican team put the Americans to shame with a winning score of 15 to 7, but we were all winners because we had a blast. Afterwards, we gave our thanks and headed back on the bus to our home base to enjoy a couple of hours of free time, playing card games and sharing stories. This evening, another simple meal of viberes y huevo (boiled plantains and eggs) for dinner was served by our beautiful Liselot. We capped off the eventful day with a nightly meeting where we passed down the torch to Calen, Malique, and Johnathan, advising them to enjoy tomorrow’s “Adventure Day” and drink plenty of water.