Today the Global Glimpsers took on the challenge of living on $1 a day: no electricity (no fans or lights), bucket showers, and only rice and beans for meals. We started our day at 5am with an early, hearty breakfast and made our way to Los Barzones to spend the first half of our day with our “host families.” They welcomed us into their homes with open arms to show us their way of life. For the next few hours, we worked with them, experiencing their daily chores such as working in the fields. After working, we sat down with them, provided them with lunch and asked them about their daily lives. When it was time to go, many of us were reluctant to leave. We came back to the hostel, prepped for English tutoring, had dinner and ended our night with English tutoring.

Vonny: Before starting the experience of living on $1, many of us were afraid of the reality in having to deal with the heat and the lack of variety in our meals. Once the day started, us Global Glimpsers took on the challenge with courage and without complaints. Through the experience with our “host families” we all learned that the definition of living successfully and living happily varies amongst every person and every family. We all came to realize that money does not necessarily translate to happiness as many valuable things in life, such as work, love, family and friends cannot be bought. We all returned to the hostel more aware of our own lives and more appreciative for the things we do have. I was most surprised by the positive and willing attitude that everyone held on to throughout the challenge and I was most proud of us for our sincerity in trying to understand our host families’ lives. I was truly inspired by the mother of the household in my host family, Benita. Her daily routine and work was quite repetitive but she held an extremely positive attitude. Being leader of the day with Angelica was challenging but fun in that we were really forced to be assertive and take charge. I was glad that I had someone that really complemented me to cooperate with.

Angelica:When mentally preparing for  dollar a day everyone was a bit hesitant about sleeping in the heat with no fans, the bucket showers, etc.. but everyone stuck to it and took it on all the way. When we got to Los Barzones we all weren’t quit sure what to expect, but hearing everyone’s thoughts later I was pleased to hear that we all shared an amazing time these families. My host father, I have to say, was the most inspiring person I have had the pleasure of meeting on this journey. When we asked him what he liked to do in his free time he merely said to sit and appreciate life. When he explained this it was a reassurance to me that you don’t need money or things to be happy, just a positive attitude towards life and whatever it brings you. I am so proud of me and my fellow peers for not thinking of today as a challenge but more an opportunity of seeing a different way of life. Living on a dollar a day was such an eye opening experience that left us all feeling more appreciative than ever.

Heads up to all parents reading this! Saturday is our first free day and the first time we are allowed to call/email you guys! So be expecting this!!!

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