July 7, 2014

Today we woke up a bit earlier than normal (5:30 am). Since the goal today was to keep living expenses under a dollar and to experience the lives of the less fortunate, we started the day off with bucket showers and a very small and simple breakfast. After breakfast we headed off to El Pantanal/El Puente. There we separated into groups and met the families who were kind enough to let us in their homes. We spent most of the afternoon taking care of their daily tasks and getting to know our families. Each group had a awesome and memorable experience with their families. Saying goodbye was definitely the most difficult part of the day because of the bonds we made and the things these people were able to teach us without even saying a word.

After the students’ emotional roller coasters we came back to the hostal really tired and hot, therefore we decided to do energizer to bring the group back to life. When we finished the energizer activity we planned our English tutoring curriculum and headed off for dinner and ate a tostada. As soon as we finished dinner we went to the university to meet our students for the first time. Each classroom was taught differently because of the different levels of English skills. During our lecture the power went out twice but every class was able to get through it and have a good time. As the day came to an end we all realized how tired we were from all exciting and emotional events and quickly proceeded through our nightly meeting where we wrapped up the day and introduced our Lider del Dia for tomorrow, Jeffrey Pang.

Daily Shout Outs:

Happy Birthday to Vanessa’s sister, Falisha. Congratulations on turning 23 today! And we are all willing to bet you went to Hana Japan to celebrate 🙂

Delaney would like to say hi to her family and let them know they are on her mind 🙂

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