On a day when there was no electricity and no water, our emotions got the best of us. In this roller coaster of an emotional day, we visited two communities. In the community I was in, we met three wonderful ladies who were strong, not physically but spiritually and mentally. However, as an entire group we learned that we have to appreciate what we have and accept it because there are people around the world who are less fortunate than us, yet they still remain positive about their lifestyle and are optimistic that things will change for the better. That was the shocker for me, how positive and energetic they felt. They didn’t have a lot to offer, yet they insisted on treating us like family by making us coffee and giving us food.

My first thoughts were they would be depressed and life would mean nothing to them, but they were the complete opposite of that; they were full of energy and very grateful about the blessings they received. I’m most proud of the work that we did for the community; for example, we picked weeds, washed clothes, cooked, cleaned neighbors’ houses, and even taught the children English. Although it wasn’t the easiest thing to do, we continued to push through the adversity and provide non-stop work for those in need. The Global Glimpse group didn’t whine or complain about the tasks given to them; they took them and delivered justice for the less fortunate community.

The most inspiring person I met was Justina. Although she is illiterate, she was very inspirational and made every glimpser who spent time with her, including myself, cry. She was very positive about the way she was living and was grateful that the higher power or Jesus Christ gave her the strength and fortitude to continue working hard and living for the future.


It was amazing being El Lider Del Dia for this day because I am passionate about helping people through struggles and the fact that I went around numerous houses and witnessed the glimpsers working perhaps harder than ever was fascinating and made me proud. I even jumped in to help one of the community members with the duties they had.

During lunch we met with all six families of the community and everyone had the chance to speak about how they felt and how appreciative they were about the experience. It was an unforgettable moment that will last in the hearts of everyone for a long time.


I learned that as emotionless as I may seem and look, I do have emotions and feelings and I can let them out. In that moment and on that day, I expressed how emotional I can get. In addition, I learned how compassionate I can be because I went around and spoke to each glimpser asking if they wanted to share their feelings that I knew were still bottled up inside. Emotions ran high again during the Nightly Meeting and overall, it was a very special moment and very special day. We entered the community as strangers and left as family united as one.