image imageToday’s theme was Living Like a Local, Shakilyah and I were the leaders of the day. I’m Lonnie, 17 and from Boston. I’m Shakilyah,18 and from Oakland. Our first challenge of the day was the bucket shower. We had to get buckets filled with water and wash ourselves with little cups of water. Also there was no electricity in the house. The reason we did this was because of the flocculating electricity in the village of Majibrida. The next following morning we had to wake up early and had a reduced breakfast which was bread and hot chocolate. After that we arrived to the village and was immediately introduced to a Peace Corporation Volunteer, Nicole. She informed us about the work she has been doing in the village for the pass 2 years. Shortly after that we were with our Host families. While we were with the families we cleaned, cooked, braided the younger girls hair and fed and rode the farm animals. Learning about the way the families lived and getting a new perspective on things there was truly amazing. Following that trip to the village we went to go present our Cap (Community Action Project) to a community in San Juan. An hour later we had dinner which was also reduced. Arriving to our Hostel our electricity was still out and we had to have our nightly meeting and self reflection in the dark, using nothing but flash lights. After this very long eventful day, we have learned a lot about the life and culture of the very joyful, serene village of Majibrida.We have come to realize that money cannot buy happiness.