Today we visited a semi-rural community right outside of Constanza (Los Gajitos and Cañada de las Palmas). The people we met felt like one big happy family. Getting to personally hear each individuals’ stories and hardships allowed us to better connect with them and understand the privilege we have of living in the US.

What surprised us most was how friendly and welcoming each person was to us. They took us in as a part of their family for a day and made us a feast for lunch. Another thing that surprised us was how connected the small mountain community was. Overall, the entire experience left us surprised and in awe.

The best moment for us was being able to help all the people that welcomed us with their daily work and chores. One group even helped fixed a road by mining and carrying rocks up the mountain. Also, we are proud of how some of us translated for the group and as well as how some of us tried our best to speak in Spanish to connect with all the people, especially the young children.

We had multiple people that inspired us, but what first comes to our minds is the children and teenagers that were around our age.

Being leader of the day was very fun but tough. We look forward to seeing what comes next!