Today was ‘Living Like a Local’ day. From the moment the torched was passed to Armando and Angel, we had no access to running water or electricity, just as most Dominicans live today. Some of us opted to take a bucket shower while others opted to skip one altogether. Our meals for the day, we were told, would be rationed to $2 for the day. Breakfast consisted of bread and hot chocolate while dinner included a hard boiled egg with bananas. This diet may seem harshly minute, but it is a reality that a majority of the world faces on a regular basis, some people live on even less. Experiencing these limits today firsthand was eye opening and has taught everyone a valuable lesson about all the things we have taken for granted.



Our activity today included becoming part of a Dominican family. We broke into eight groups and entered the homes of the families in the Rio Grande neighborhood. We played with the children and asked meaningful questions about their lives. The best part of the day was when we met with our new families and friends in the community center to share a typical yet bountiful meal of rice, chicken and three types of salad. We also danced, made bracelets, visited neighbors and played basketball with children of the community. We left inspired and in love with the community in Rio Grande.