Fatimah and I were Co-Leaders of the day. We learned so many things!

The opportunity to visit communities in the Dominican Republic yesterday helped us to strengthen our minds and get a better understanding of life. We gained a greater appreciation for our life back home because not a lot of people have the opportunity to take advantage of resources that can improve their lifestyles.

We helped local families in various ways by making a garden so they can grow fresh fruits and vegetables and also by helping with house cleaning. The community members were so happy that we were willing to let us help out with their problems by Ā finding solutions and making changes.

Making the families very happy makes Fatimah and I even happier because the actions we took shows what type of power my co-leader and I have. Furthermore, we had interviewed people as part of different organizations that are trying their hardest to find ways to make the community a better place! We were so glad to be a part of that process!