Hello family and friends!

Today we went through many events!

We experienced what it meant to be a local in Riobamba.  We got to step out of our urbanized world and into a world of a local farmer. We started off the day by waking up early in the morning and heading to work on a farm. We milked cows, spread manure with our bare hands, and pet horses. We experienced the natural connection between a farmer and his land. We got to meet a humble farmer, Javier, who loved his work and was forever grateful for us being there.

Got milk?

The second big part of our day was furthering our work in our Community Action Project, CAP.  We presented our ideas to Carlos Garbay. We raised more than enough money to help further build his school for kids with disabilities. The school is one of only a few schools for disabilities which allows us Glimpsers to be more appreciative of our cause. We are forever grateful to have this opportunity to help further build this school. Our action project is becoming clearer by the day and we can envision our project and the impact it will have on the people of Riobamba.

Getting feedback from Carlos.

Lastly, we went through a roller coaster of mixed emotions when starting our first day teaching the students of Riobamba. Some Glimpsers were excited while others were nervous. Some Glimpsers experienced the reward of teaching and connecting with students while others experienced the frustration of a teacher and doing something new for the first time. The students of Riobamba value their education with pride, even though they may not have the same advantages as others. The students helped the Glimpsers on their mission towards wanting to help the people of Riobamba more. No matter what emotions we experienced we all came back to the emotion of excitement at the end of the roller coaster. The video below tries to capture some of the energy post-teaching: