So today we experienced life as a local, going the day without running water and electricity. We visited a small community nearby, called Suarez. Once there we split into small groups and started our lives with the families we were assigned at the start of the day. They put us to work as soon as we arrived: sweeping the floors, tending their animals, helping them cook, and many other tasks.

Anika spent the day with the D’Olvo Montaz family, Maribel was the mom of the house and was more worried about taking care of us than making us work. She instantly treated us as family and not as strangers. Sharing her home, food, and her heart, anyone could tell she was the embodiment of a loving mother. The entire community cared for each other as a family, sharing anything they had and welcoming everyone with loving arms. The whole community made me think of my family and how it does not matter who you are or where you come from, if you are here in this house we will love you. (PS I miss you all like the sun misses the flower in the depth of winter, and I only miss you when my heart is beating).