Today was “Living Like a Local Day” in our Global Glimpse adventures. Starting last night, our water was cut off and we were handed a water bucket that would be used to take showers, flush the toilet, and wash our hands. Also, we had no electricity, so we used flashlights. We enjoyed a typical, rural Dominican breakfast of bread and hot chocolate. We traveled to the impoverished community of Rio Grande where we were welcomed by host families, and we participated in their day-to-day chores to better understand the challenges they endure everyday. Afterwards, the Rio Grande community and the Glimpsers joined together for lunch that was prepared by a few community members and students. We bonded with the Dominican kids who played games with us and told us about themselves. We gave a sad farewell to the community and traveled back to Constanza to explore more of the city. Then we came back to the hotel for dinner and our daily nightly meetings.