Hey everyone! Ardenne and Jumana, the leaders of the day here.Today was Living Like a Local Day, where we spent the day without running water water or electricity.

First, we started out with the special “unplugged” wake up call at 6:30am in the morning. 7 AM marked the start of our “simple” breakfast, which consisted of bread and hot chocolate. Around 8, we boarded the bus and traveled into the small community of Las Cabirmas, which is located about 30 minutes away from Jarabacoa. This community is where the majority of our Living Like a Local activities would take place. We, the Glimpsers, divided into groups and each got assigned a host family, whom we asked questions to while we we performed different types of tasks with the community members. I (Jumana) helped out with my host family in the kitchen, and I (Ardenne) played with the grandchildren of my host family. We had a delicious lunch of rice and chicken with the community, and further bonded with each community member over a filling meal. At around 3 PM, we headed back to our accommodations in Jarabacoa, and had a simple dinner of mashed potatoes and fried salami.

Today was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it was a very eye opening experience for everyone on the trip. Each community member of Las Cabirmas was extremely kind, genuine, and inviting. We learned many life lessons, like the power of a strong community and a positive, tenacious mindset. The community of Las Cabirmas was extremely welcoming to all of us, and even though a language and culture barrier was present, we had to challenge ourselves to overcome them and interact with the community as though they were our own family.  At the end of the day, we all realized how much we take for granted back at home. We also recognized how we could change our interaction skills to benefit the people around us. The point of this Global Glimpse trip is to experience a new culture and step out of your comfort zone. And today, in Las Cabirmas, we achieved just that.


Hi Mama! (Jumana) and Hi Mom! (Ardenne). We love you guys!

David showing off his maaad sweeping skills.

Hanging out with a host family!

Our lunch with Las Cabirmas!

Saul creating special bonds with the community members!

A true Dominican fashion icon. Period.

A host family teaching a group how to play dominoes!