Hello everyone!

Today’s activities ran a little late so the blog is going to be shorter than usual. Wake up call was at 7:30, and we had tons of fun smashing on peoples doors to get everyone out of bed. After a quick breakfast we all headed out to a local greenhouse that is currently growing mini cucumbers. It’s a little early in the growing season so we didn’t see much more than sprouts, but we still made the most of helping spread supports for the vines to grow up. While challenging at first, working together made the labor go by much faster. It’s safe to say we were all ready for lunch when 12:00 came around. To continue on with the cucumber theme, we took our filled-bellies over to a cucumber packaging plant called “World Agromarket Dominicana”. We can’t lie to you, it was tedious at first but then we all got into it when we learned about the massive amounts of food waste. Americans prefer the “perfect” vegetable, so our export regulations reflect that. This means more than half of cucumbers get thrown away. When we made it back to the hotel we had to start prepping for our Community Action Project presentation to the community members. Dinner constituted of good old fashion spaghetti and an impromptu dance party. After dinner things got emotional with an activity that allowed us to tell each other why we came on the trip and how much we have impacted each other already. The nightly meeting had nothing overly eventful, but people all had big love for the entire group. With a 6:00 wake up call for tomorrow, we’re going to have to call the post here.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. “The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice” Tupac Shakur