Today was a full day of new experiences as we got the chance to live like locals and get an idea of what a typical day in the Dominican Republic is like and how it feels to live a day with $2.

We started the day with a simple breakfast which included hot chocolate and bread. Later on, we got on the bus and headed to the Communidad Suarez which is located in San Juan. Once we got to the location we were divided into groups of 2-4 Glimpsers and got paired up with different families of Suarez. This way, each group had a different experience with a different family. My group got the chance to meet a really nice lady named Esterbina Vicento and learn about her life story. She also made us some delicious food: it was pasta with plantain and fish.

I also had the weirdest experience going to the bathroom because it’s just a hole in the ground. Other groups had a very different experience. For example, one group of Glimpsers got together with kids to play cards and dominoes. Another group helped prepare our lunch, and they focused on cutting vegetables and cleaning the chicken we were going to eat. Then we all gathered up for lunch time, we had chicken soup with rice. After lunch we all played a game called Mafia, which was really fun. For our last activity of the day, all of the Glimpsers and the community gathered up to play a game called Tutti Frutti. On our way back to our accommodation we listened to music for the first time in a while it was so much fun!

In our accommodation our leads encouraged us to take a shower with buckets, which I thought was pretty fun. After we got the chance to relax, we talked about our CAP project, a project that focuses on helping the community. Then, we had dinner, eggs with yucca and avocado. We ended our day with our daily self reflection and our nightly meeting where I got the chance to pass the role of leader of the day to Lizbeth. Today was such an unforgettable day thanks to all the things we got to see and experience. It really gave me a new way of seeing things.

 – Betssy Martinez