Hola! This is Nelya Ake on the blog tonight. Today, I was lucky enough to be the leader of the day, as we experienced for 24 hours what it is like for the people who live on less than one dollar a day. To most, this may be shocking or  unimaginable, however as soon as we had arrived in Llano Grande (the community that lives under a dollar a day) the people that we met had more similarities than differences in the way they live and how they view their lives. They were aware that they lived on a dollar a day, however still had positive views on their life and instead of being envious of the material items they didn’t have, they realized that their community and family is much more important and they strengthened the bond between each other. This is a moral code that I personally would like to implement in my life when this experience is over.

In these pictures, we are playing with the children that belong to Llano Grande and really connecting with them, which was a very touching experience. We all feel very grateful for this once in a lifetime chance to experience the lives of those who live on less than a dollar a day, but are still equal to others who live on more.

Thank you for reading, have a good night!!!!!


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