Hello! This is Eli and Jackie – the leaders of today. First, we did wake up call at 5.45am for those who wanted to go to the gym and we woke up the rest of the glimpsers at 7.30, then had breakfast at 8am. For breakfast we had gallo pinto because that is what a large majority of the population who live off of a $1 a day eat here in Nicaragua. After an exhausting hour and a half bus ride to Nuevo Amanecer, our delegation split into 8 groups and each group had a family we stayed with and got to know really well. These families live in rough conditions where they don’t have access to daily supplies unlike others who are more capable of receiving this support. These families are in desperate need of outside help from those who are more well-off. Our hostel chef provided everyone in our delegation as well as our families with packed lunch which was macaroni salad, bread and orange juice. Every group gave their families a special gift to remember us by. After taking several photos with all the families we took off again on our bus back to the hostel.


At the hostel we both lead a program seminar and compromised with the group about what we are going to do for our CAP project. This is our second step in deciding what we want to do for Ninos del Fortin. After several ideas later, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to paint/design a classroom, paint a kitchen and start a garden. We want to make a sustainable impact on these childrens’ lives because this program keeps them in school and out of working with their parents in places such as the dump.


We ended by teaching our English students for 2 hours and closed the night by leading the nightly meeting then passing off the hat to KK.


Goodnight from all the Glimpsers! 🙂

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