**Leader Note: I’m sorry we weren’t able to post the blog last night!  The internet is not always very reliable here.  The photos are still not uploading, but I wanted to post this just so you know we’re all still alive!  Hopefully we’ll get more photos up tonight!  Thanks for your patience. –Erin


Hello everyone, my name is Victor Cruz and I was born in San Jose California. I was the leader of the day for the first time and it was a awesome experience. The theme of today was to “Live on a $1 a Day” and this specific theme represented how we as Global Glimpsers would challenge ourselves to not spend any money for one whole day and try to take showers using only a bucket and a cup. As a leader, I am proud to announce that we did complete the challenge and we are all proud of ourselves.

Today was a beautiful day for our Global Glimpse crew. Throughout the day we planned to go out and stay in a village that was 30 minutes away from Matagalpa city. In the village, the Global Glimpse crew split into small groups to live with families for five hours. We had so much fun spending our time with those families and getting to know them. Not only did we stay with beautiful and active families but we also got the chance to do some tutoring for some students around Matagalpa. It was a challenge worth taking and life without challenges is like life without meaning.

At the end of the day, I was happy to be the leader for today and I don’t regret signing in early for it. It was well worth it.