Hello everyone! We know you were biting your nails in anticipation for the next blog post. So here it is! Reporting live from Leon, Nicaragua this is Arianna and Rachna. We waited a long time for this trip and now that it is here, it has been amazing. Traveling the world has been a dream for both of us and many others and we are so grateful for this opportunity. Global Glimpse is giving us a chance to travel to beautiful country and learn about its culture while making a difference.


Today we were leaders during a reality challenge. We experienced what it was like to live on a dollar a day. The day officially began last night when we were told that we were not allowed to use any electricity (even for fans and lights) to mimic the situations that people live in. To make the experience even more realistic, we were also told to shower using buckets and could only eat rice and beans throughout the day. Then we had an early start to the morning arriving at the community Tomas Borge at around 8 am. We were each split into pairs and placed with different families. There we helped cook, played with children and did other hosehold chores till lunch. After lunch we broke a pinata with the community children. Even though the conditions in this villiage were not ideal, all the families and members in the community were very happy. In fact, they were kinder and more joyful living a simplistic and united lifestyle than many others. After this impactful experience, we headed back to the hostel to watch a video on poverty in Nicaragua as an introduction to tomorrows theme. We finished the day with our second day of English tutoring. It is very apparent that all the Glimpsers are getting used to being a teacher. Our classes ran more efficiently giving everyone a sense of victory. Today was an emotional and important day that we know we will never forget.


Signing out

Arianna and Rachna