IMG_1342IMG_1345Hi! Our names are Gloria and Hadya, and we were the leaders of the day today. Today we experienced what it’s like to live on a dollar a day in Nicaragua. We started the morning at 6 am with bucket showers because the water was cut off from us to enhance our experience. Also, we had to eat like an average Nicaraguan family, so that included beans and a cooked banana for breakfast. After breakfast, we left on the bus to work with families in a rural area in the mountains called Saraguasca. We were split up into five groups and spent half a day working alongside the families, helping them with whatever they needed. This included making tortillas, pottery, laundry, weeding, and planting. Everyone can definitely say that they got their hands dirty today. We also brought lunch to the families and ate with them. Many students bonded with the families and the kids and made memories that they will cherish forever. In addition to using buckets for showers, we were also prohibited from using any electronics, including cameras, which was hard for many. After our trip to Saraguasca, we came back to the hostel and had self-reflection of our experience. Many of us were taken back by how happy and carefree the Nicaraguan people were, despite their poor living conditions. Following dinner, we will be returning to our english tutoring classes.