The journey began with an early wake up call, followed by a delicious breakfast at comedor. The main event took place at two local high schools in Granada. Students were divided into two groups; six of us were headed to Maria Auxiliadora, while the other half were headed to San Pablo.

“My experience in San Pablo was a very inspirational visit while observing the differences between the schools back home and the ones here. ¬†Although we were nervous and the students from San Pablo were nervous as well, they were very welcoming and sweet to us. During the whole day we experienced what it truly was to shadow a high school student here in Granada by having classes such as religion, physics, and sociology to learn new things. Although we noticed some differences between the relationship with teachers and students, it helped us realize the importance of culture in Nicaraguan traditions. Overall everyone in San Pablo had a wonderful experience with their shadows, and today was mainly a day to build memories with someone who has a different cultural background. Plus new friends on Facebook.” -Brenda Paramo

“I had a wonderful experience learning about the lives of ordinary students in Maria Auxiliadora. While learning about physics, geography, and renewable resources, I had the opportunity to talk to all the students in my class and understand how they live their lives from day to day. I learned ¬†the common interests we share were music, movies, and hobbies. Although their were many interests I noticed the distinct differences in not only the schools systems, but also in our daily lives. My partner for the day started out shy, but we managed to break the silence away through conversation. I believe that I not only found a friend for today, but i found a friend for life.” -Marijke Kille

Happy belated father’s day from Brenda, Christy, and Marijke!!!