This chapter in the story of the Global G’s was one of relaxation, laughter, and adventure. We woke up at 8:00, but actually most of the people woke up earlier than that. Everyone was so excited for the last free day, because last time we went to club Falcondo, so we all wanted to go shopping this time.

After breakfast we had our last academic seminar, which we talked about the mining issue in the Dominican Republic. We then proceeded to separate into three groups, which was the supermarket group, shopping group, and the Bang (card game) group. The weather was very nice, as usual the temperature was very high, but still nice for a walk. The outing went well, but unfortunately for the shopping and supermarket groups, both got a little off track making their way back, but both were able to find their way back. We still don’t know this city very well, but we like to try to go outside without the GG leaders and totally enjoy the free time.

While in the supermarket, we talked with people working there. We found out that there is a large Chinese population here, most of them working in the store. Afterwards we walked to the plaza but realized that there was not enough time to buy other stuff. We all eventually met up at La Fundacion for lunch before going out once more to the hardware stores to buy supplies for our upcoming CAP project.

Lunch was light for me, but the second walk out wasn’t. The day seemed to get hotter so we filled up our water bottles and started off on our second walk. On the way to the hardware store we felt like we were swimming in our own sweat. We said hi to all the children we walked by and tried to control ourselves from wanting to pet the cute dogs on the street, as we are not allowed to touch stray dogs. Finally we arrived to the hardware store and walked around trying to find all the materials we needed for the CAP project. Needless to say, everyone was exhausted.



When we got back to la fundacion, we prepared for our English class. Everyone was very serious, since we just don’t want to have just a class, we want teach them real stuff. The English classes are always very fun and we learn quite a bit from the students.

Soon after class, we had another special activity to prepare for. It’s Jenny’s 15th birthday! Jenny lives in the orphanage and assists Licelot with serving the meals and cleaning up afterwards. As a group we all chipped in and bought her a birthday cake during our free time. We all stood in a circle to hide the cake and once she came in surprised her with it and sang Happy Birthday. It was such a happy moment to see her face light with a smile.



The time is passing by quickly here in the DR. Today was such a great day, I laughed so much. Today had no tight schedule. We were able to just enjoy the life here. So much so, that people in the group took time to do facials on the boys. The couldn’t stop smiling with their refreshed glowing faces.