Today was a very interesting day for those working and living as a local. To start off the day we all woke up at 5 AM. To get into the emersion of being like a local, we were not allowed to shower with hot water and sent with the mindset of living the same life they would normally live. We left the hostel at 5:45 AM to a local indigenous family who lived about an hour away from Riobamba. Once we got there we ate a traditional breakfast that composed of hard boiled eggs, corn, and cheese. All freshly made from the farm we visited. After that we split into four groups, one went with the owner of the farm, Ceasar, who then taught the group how to harvest a native crop similar to potatoes. Another group went with one of Ceaser’s daughters, Gloria, who demonstrated the group of students how to fertilize the land. Also, certain student’s went with Ceasar’s grandson to plant barley seeds. Lastly, two students helped Soila (Ceasar’s youngest daughter) to catch lunch to prepare for the whole group.

Each of the students were greatly impacted by the hard work and dedication demonstrated from the indigenous families. Each section of labor individually brought an other side to the students in which they never really experienced. Living and working as a local has opened the students mind and showed them that one does not need certain living accommodations or certain luxurious items to have a life full of achievements/experience new things. Students definitely enjoyed this day and would’ve like to experience more things. This is a day in which students will never forget and always refer to when sharing interesting experiences.

In addition, today students celebrated one of their fellow glimpser’s birthday. Salaiyah Henriquez turned 17 today and to celebrate, students and leaders brought a cake and signed a card to give the best birthday possible away from home! Students have shown the 3 C’s this organization is based on, Courage, Commitment, and Compassion. Trying new experiences, new foods, and learning new stories is the highlight of their day and continues to be.