Dear Global Glimpse friends and family,

Today we had a day full of fun while learning about Andean and Ecuadorean culture. We learned about Andean history, food, and lifestyle while in Palacio Real. Our speaker Selena taught us about how their community got its name and what its history was like on a walk around the area. On this walk, we all walked a llama and tried some llama meat during the lunch they served us. Local artist Pablo painted some murals for the community and talked about the relationship between art and the Andean culture before giving us some rocks and wooden spoons to paint. When we got back from Palacio Real, we went on a tour of the city and learned more about the history of Riobamba and how it became the city we know today. We also tried cholitas, which are pastries filled with brown sugar that were delicious. We went to eat dinner after our city tour from our food providers Isabella and Nelson, and then had our nightly meeting at the hotel. We appreciate your comments and hope you continue writing them, thank you!


Gianna and Kiana.