Today we began our project at a site called ¨Los Barriletes.¨ As leader of the day, my work was to make sure everyone was having a good time and staying positive about the project. When we arrived to the site, we split among our selected groups. Each group had a designated job to do; furthemore, being in groups made our work more efficient and fun at the same time. The first group was the mural group. This particular group was in charge of painting the three murals they had designed days before the project. The first mural was about a person climbing up a volcano, and at the top would be people waiting for that person to get to the top. This paiting represented the idea that it doesn´t matter what economical situation you come from, because if you work hard and believe in your goals, the world is yours. The second mural was about the importance of recycling. The reason is because we want to leave with a message explaining to the kids that with recycling, we can make earth a cleaner and safer place to be. The last mural would be about the Barriletes in general, showing how Barriletes has made it out this far and it´s becoming the place for the future leaders of Nicaragua. Besides this group, there was the other group in charge with the bedrooms upstairs, working on the library, and cleaning up the playground outside. I must say everyone did a tough job today and I thank them for being cooperative with me and each other. We all had a good time painting, fixing, and cleaning up Barriletes. Nevertheless, this project isn´t over, and we all have a huge day tomorrow to finish up our project and make it the best place for kids to enjoy. To conclude, I would like to thank again everyone for their hard work and effort today, good job guys! Let´s hope tomorrow will be just as fun as today, or even better!