So guys we’re on our way to become the first delegation ever to actually complete a CAP project! Knowing that we accomplished and even surpassed every goal that we set out to achieve, made this day and my role as leader of the day incredibly enjoyable. Now that I’ve summed up this amazing day, you can take a moment to look at me shoveling fertilized dirt into a wheel barrow so that Miguel, with all his blisters, could take a shovel and compact the dirt around the big posts.



Above you can see Karen sweeping the pavement of the Greenhouse so that we can arrange the fundas, plastic pots, on the floor. She was continually sweeping throughout the day in the extremely hot sun, and ended up having major sunburn. This is just one example of the commitment and passion that we expressed through our hard work.



Our time at the Federation started out with a group of our strongest Glimpsers and Marcos loading this whole truck bed with dirt.


While others filtered out Rabbit poop from sticks and stones. After we had our dirt and 2 big burlack bags of fertilizer, we mixed them and filled more than a THOUSAND fundas with the dirt. Everyone sat around the pile of dirt, sang songs, talked, told life stories, and just had an enjoyable time.


One of the things that surprised me the most today was the respect level my peers gave me and how cooperative they were whenever I asked them to do a task. Also, I’m super proud of my fellow Glimpsers for working to their full potential and sticking through the long hard workday.


We were in the sun all day, sunburn was expected, we were shoveling all day therefore, blisters were explainable and we were in the heat all day so sweating was a must. But through all these hardships we were able to persevere and nearly complete – Vivero (Greenhouse).


Today, my peers and I learned the true power that we, as active teens, hold when we all come together. The ability to achieve so much and this experience, personally, has taught me that I, as a young leader, can help lead others and leave an impact on this world.



Also through out the day Anne, our very own spell check, met with students one by one to make their appreciation letter better. Our appreciation letters are for the kind people that donate to Global Glimpse and make it possible for us to travel and explore these wonderful countries.


Working with Esteban (shown below), President of the Federacion de Campesinos, was all in all an enlightening experience. I learned so much from his leadership style and the sacrifices he has made for the Federacion. He taught me how to lead by example instead of commanding others and be a good facilitator.



At the end of the day, through all the nerves, my perspective on leadership took a new level of understanding. I use to think leaders were dictators, but being one has taught me that leaders are facilitators of advancement.



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