The kids are alright! Last night after a long day of travel guided by Holly and Tony, the Glimpsers finally touched down in Panama City. They were greeted by Lucas, Erik (their two program coordinators) and Maria Cristina (the Panama program manager). A short bus ride through the steamy city night brought them to the Hostal Gemar where a brief nightly meeting introduced them to the next day’s activities before a very Panamanian dinner of Domino’s pizza (hehe). Domino’s is actually quite popular all over Panama and by the time all arrived at the hotel, it was one of the only options open for delivery. So it would serve as the Glimpser’s farewell to American food before a trip full of chicken and rice (among other things). After scarfing down a few slices, everyone ran off to bed to prepare for a big first day in Panama City’s old quarter, Casca Viejo. Check back tomorrow for more sweaty tales from the start of the trip!

Hasta Pronto!