Hola! We finally made it! We arrived in the Managua airport and met our very excited program coordinators, Christopher and Judith! We immediately felt the change in climate as we walked off the plane–it is very warm and humid in Nicaragua. We took a bus from the airport and stopped to get pizza and drinks on our way to our hostel in Managua, Hotel Felipe. We only stayed one night in Managua, and the next morning we travelled to Leon! We didn’t have very reliable internet access to be able to post the night we arrived, so we’re a day late–sorry for the delay! But we have finally arrived safely (albeit tired and hot) in Leon, Nicaragua!

We’re so grateful to our wonderful program coordinators, Chris and Judith, for all their help and support, and we are excited to begin our adventure in Leon!

2014-06-06 15.07.42

View from the plane!