“Poco a poco, se va muy lejos” -Anonymous

This quote (little by little, we will go far) embodies our motivation for the last two days of our CAP for the Los Pipitos organization. Previously, we had visited Los Pipitos and discovered that there were numerous renovations that we were able to do in order to benefit the lives of the children involved in this inspirational organization. With the many little projects that we completed around Los Pipitos, we were able create one successful CAP  that will impact the lives of the children and inspire them to go far and dream big.

Today began with a 6:30 wake up call and breakfast at Abya Yala. After an energizer, we had a CAP meeting to compile a list of tasks that needed to be completed once we arrive at Los Pipitos. The excitement began when we we received a warm welcome into Los Pipitos and set up to continue our work from CAP Delivery Day #1. We broke up into groups and began different tasks such as painting murals, touching up the psychology room, adding quotes onto the walls, and overall, brightening up Los Pipitos by making it an even more comfortable and warm environment. After about five and a half hours of hard work and determination, we dropped our paint brushes, mops, and rags, and wiped the sweat off of our foreheads. We took a step back and looked around the room to see how much work we completed throughout the last two days. It was astonishing to see how far we had come and how much of a difference we had made in the psychology room and main room.


Despite the doubts and challenges, we were able to work together in order to accomplish our goal of beautifying Los Pipitos and helping Dona Yadira impact the lives of the many children that are a part of Los Pipitos. Today, we were all determined to help Dona Yadira make a difference in the lives of the children that she works with. Our question of the day was, how does it feel helping others? Can one person make a difference in the world? We accurately answered these questions today by successfully helping Los Pipitos and leaving our mark on the organization. We greatly enjoyed beautifying Los Pipitos and hope that our impact will be felt every time someone walks through its doors.


P.S. Happy Birthday Theresa Do! We hope that you had a wonderful day today and we can’t wait to see you again!

Love, your TOK crew (Shashu, LMD, & V)

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