20150728_104330[1]Today we toured the city of Jinotega!!! We saw several places: the oldest pharmacy Castellon, the great cathedral San Juan Bautista, Central Park & Otto Casco Park, Rigoberto Lopez City Market, & Don Colocho Café. We also met Maria Teresa Centeno y Arturo Castro Frenzel who shared with us their history in the city. She was a “guerrillera” and he owns one of the oldest houses in Jinotega. It was very special that they opened their houses and gave us their history. We are very proud that we were chosen to be here. We have already met amazing Glimpsers and GG Leaders and Program Coordinator.


We ate lots of gallopinto (beans and rice) and drink many fruit juices. Katy and Julio from the comedor feed us well. And today we welcomed our National Director Madai Baltodano who shared her experiences with us.


We had an amazing history seminar by our GG Leaders who informed us a lot about Nicaragua. We appreciated their effort in teaching us. We also had a Program Seminar where our Programs Coordinators gave us savvy travel trips.


We know we are going to enjoy the rest of our stay here in Jinotega!!! We hope to her from all of you back home.


Team Jinotega!!!