We had an incredible day!!!!! Today we learned about the Dominican culture through mask making (mascara) and learning how to dance the merengue and bachata. We were able to make our very own mask instructed by Gato, a famous mask-maker in the Dominican Republic. And let me tell you, Costanza was electrified by the dance efforts of the Western Massachusetts Global Glimpse delegation. Lessons were taught by Paul Rosado, a dance instructor in Constanza and every single one of us had a blast learning these dances. It warmed my heart to see so many students come out of their comfort zone and dance like crazy. Students who have never danced before were having the time of their lives. Don’t worry, plenty of photos will be downloaded tomorrow. We continued the day with a seminar on how to teach an English class which starts tomorrow. After the seminar students had to put their lesson plans together. We ended the day with a seminar on how to live like a local which will be our next adventure. Look forward to the students beginning their blogs tomorrow.
On an end note, I would like to send all the parents a great big, “I LOVE YOU” from all your children. They wanted me to tell you in this blog tonight. So there you have it. Until tomorrow……..