Hey everyone!

My name is Douglas and I am the leader for today. It was a nice and relaxing day because the Glimpsers had their first free day. They were really excited because they got to go out on their own in groups of four. They signed out telling the leaders where they were going and signed back in 15 minutes before the next event. The leaders ensured the Glimpsers were safe and that the leaders knew where they went.

We also had a soccer challenge from the other Global Glimpse group that’s from California. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned because the other group didn’t have enough players to play. Then the Glimpsers left in groups; some came to the hostel to paint nails, while others went to a restaurant and the rest went to buy souvenirs.

Something that inspired me today was a movie we watched. The movie that was shown was about children living in poverty across Nicaragua. It was an introduction to tomorrow’s topic on “Living on a Dollar a Day”. What really stuck with me today was appreciating what I have. We live day-by-day listing out all the wants we have, but these Nicaraguan children live day-by-day praying for basic human needs.


Douglas Hernandez

Chillin at La Catedral