Hola, it’s Sabrina and Giselle! Today was the first day for our CAP (Community Action Project). It was also the first day that there were two leaders del dia. We woke up at 5 a.m. and we went to wake up everyone else at 5:55 a.m. and it was a very fun way to start the day. We had a lot in store for us today. The question we wanted to explore was, “How will our CAP improve the kids education?” With this in mind, we kept everyone motivated to kick off the first day of our project.

We went to breakfast at Abya Yala and had a delicious sandwich. Then we came back and did our energizer called “Kitty wants a corner.” We had a blast and everyone was ready to start the day. Then we left to take a public bus to the organization called La Amistad. At La Amistad, a local education and anti-violence organization, we planned to renovate its library. When we arrived there everyone jumped right into the project. We had created separate groups. Some went shopping for the materials needed for the library while the rest stayed and cleared out the library. Our activities today included knocking down walls, sanding the walls, painting, and organizing books. We also blasted music, which made the process go faster. Then we had a scrumptious lunch from Abya Yala. Everyone was excited and quickly jumped back into the project. We finished our first day at La Amistad strongly and we are excited for what tomorrow has in store.

Overall, we thought that today was a wonderful day to both be leaders; we worked very efficiently. We made sure that everything was in tact and up to par. We also feel that everyone put in a lot of work and they enjoyed doing what they did. We both hope that La Amistad loves their new library.


Giselle & Sabrina

Meeting at La Amistad