It’s Emely and Brandi. Before our second day of the Community Action Project (CAP), our first duty was to get everyone out of bed. “IT IS NOW 5:55 AM AND YOU HAVE FIVE MINUTES TO TAKE THAT GOOD NAP BEFORE YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP AND GO TO BREAKFAST.” It was surprisingly easier than we thought. Everyone cooperated and woke up on time. We were all ready by 7:01 am. Usually, it would’ve taken us an extra five minutes because our count offs have been the ultimate struggle for the last few days. But, today it went by very quickly and everyone was on point and ready to go. We went to breakfast at Abya Yala. Afterwards, we came back to the hostel for energizers, which included “Kitty wants a corner” and “Bang!” Afterwards, we took public transportation to La Amistad, which is the name of the organization where we are currently doing our CAP.

Today, we went straight to work as soon as we arrived. We continued to paint the remainder of the walls, organized all the books, and bought more supplies for the project. We also were able to install the benches through teamwork. Even though we managed to successfully complete the requirements of the day, we had a couple of issues. The main issue was that we had to decide on whether we wanted stripes on our newly painted walls, or if we preferred making a mural on only one wall that would allow us to leave our handprints as a legacy of our hard work. We had a vote, and therefore we decided to paint the mural. Many were upset over this decision, which caused a lot of miscommunication. Yet, that didn’t distract the Glimpsers from their ultimate goal without any interruptions.

That Good Teamwork!

This afternoon we were extremely focused and got a lot accomplished. We then headed back to the hostel to enjoy our free time. Then proceeded to eat a lovely chicken sandwich and baked potatoes at Abya Yala. We came back to enjoy our nightly meeting, which ended up becoming Comedy Central. Our friend Nachi, known for his non-stop smiles, decided that his talent would be not to smile for twenty seconds. Let’s just say he only lasted ONE SECOND! And then the whole room roared with laughter for at least a GOOD ten minutes! Overall, we won’t just sit here and tell you every day is a great day. We have our ups and downs, but, ultimately we can always come back together and enjoy each others company.


Emely & Brandi