Hello everyone,

Today was a free day and we were to get to know each other a lot better so that we could bondmore.  So we went out with different groups and just had a blast today. We shared stories and our experiences that we had while in Matagalpa. Those exchanges were so compelling because everyone had so much to say with an astonishing amount of passion. We just grew as individuals today. Although our stay in Matagalpa is only three weeks, we are a family now and the bonds that we’ve created with each other and the people of this country will be everlasting.


We also went hiking today, even though the sky was raining cats and dogs. That was not stopping us today. We were going to go out and enjoy one another’s company; however the entire hike was a struggle since it was very long, but when we got to the top everyone was just so happy; not because it was finally over, but because we struggled together and continued to push each other even when it didn’t seem to end. Today we were champions and we just accomplished so much; it was amazing.

Terrell Alleyne