Hello Everyone,

This is Averie and Zimba. Today consisted of a hasty wake up call followed by a long day of fun. We started the day by waking up thirty minutes later than normal (6:30am); we also only had a half hour to get ready so it was a pretty fast paced morning. After leaving the hostel we went to the usual spot, Abya Yala, to get breakfast. We were running a little late, but we made up the time thanks to our bus driver Everett and arrived to Grenada earlier than planned.

In Grenada, the first place we visted was an organization called Casa de la Sonrisas. This was not your usual coffee shop. Most employees who worked there were differently abled. We learned how to say a few phrases in sign language. The staff was very nice, and the drinks were out of this world. They also specialized in making hammocks and were in the process of making one for Pope Francis. Then we took some time to shop for souveniers, which was very fun because everyone was so enthusiastic about purchasing new items. We went to eat lunch at the Nicaraguan KFC called Tip Top. You can imagine how excited everyone was when they got to eat fried chicken and French fries after seventeen days. After stuffing our guts with this magical chicken, we departed to Lago Nicaragua. That was a blast. We swam, kayaked, and played this game called Mafia. As you can imagine, our two and a half hour bus ride back was filled with the blissfull sounds of snoring.



And to top off our fun day, we got back to the hostel to boxes and boxes of pizza! The most underrated part of the day was the nightly meeting, which was so entertaining because we got to reflect on the day; and since it was a day filled with so much joy, it was hard to cover all the instances that made our day so fufilling. That’s all for now. Good night.


Zimba and Averie