Michael Taste Tests Coffee

Hi Everyone 🙂

Today was another great day for us as Glimpsers.  We were exposed to even more opportunities and I am proud to say that we took advantage of them.  As the leader of the day, I witnessed the critical thinking skills that my fellow Glimpsers possess as well as their courage to be inquisitive, their commitment to become global citizens, and their compassion for the experiences that they are a part of.

Today we looked at Nicaragua through a business lens, and as a result, we looked at Nicaragua on a large scale.  We discussed the competitive presence of Nicaragua in the global market.  Nicaragua’s largest export is coffee, which happens to be the second largest export in the world.  In the morning, we got on our bus to take a trip to a coffee farm.  We hiked up a path on the farm and we passed many coffee bean plants.  A manager of the farm spoke to us about the way in which you pick the beans, how to tell when they are ripe, and how to protect them from bugs and fungi.  Later on we went to another business that dealt with coffee.  This second business dealt with everything that needs to be done before the coffee is exported.  The most fun part of our day was smelling and tasting the coffee.  It was an awesome experience and it was something that I would not have been able to do in the United States.

I was the leader of the day, so I am very tired now as I write this blog.  However, I am very excited to express my reflections on the day.  I had fun as a leader, but it was a lot of work.  Global Glimpse exposed me to leadership.  I really felt like people needed me and looked up to me.  I was a little stern and I got a little aggravated at times, but I wouldn’t change anything that happened if I had the chance to.  I hope to continue expressing myself as a leader and I hope my fellow Glimpsers continue to do so as well.


Michael Borrello