This is kelvin and i am the leader of the day. The hardest thing about the trip for me is being the leader and because i am a pretty shy guy and don’t like being the center of attention it was really hard but with the help of my fellow GG student and our amazing GG leaders it was an amazing day just like every other day in this trip. Our day started with me waking everyone up at 6:00 and giving them an hour to get ready for a breakfast at the one and only Su Pollo Listo then getting and the bus to continue our CAP.

Everyday has its own challenges and today’s challenge was dealing with and working with the workers who in the previews day were a little rude by completely owning our CAP and leaving us to be the helpers when it was supposed be the other way. We resolved this by asking for a meeting before we all started to talk out the day and in this meeting ran by me we brought up the top of roles and we explained that it was part of our goal to do this ourselves and learn from it. After the meeting the four workers were separated so there was one in each station promoting a faster more productive day.

The day was great and we got lots done and we did it as a group without anyone out doing anything or anyone being lazy. we got home and we had a little chill time and then we had to write our thank you letters to donors and for the summer search students to their mentors. we had 2 hours to do this and we all used it wise it was the quietest i have seem everyone here, not a word was  said for an hours and some minutes until one by one we started to finish. Just like every other day we had our nightly meeting and this one little to no thorns because of the great day we all had. the last thing we all did, not part of the daily plan, was go out to get coffee treat of one of the students Sam.

It was a great day full of adventures.