Today was a significantly difficult day for everyone to wake up and get the day started. The good part of the morning was the enthusiasm and energy everyone was portraying. We got on the bus early at 6:30to begin our quick ride to the awaiting families. Each global glimpse student got placed into a specific home with a family. As soon as we arrived to the homes, we were greeted by the typical warm reactions Nicaraguan families tend to have.  They welcomed us to their homes with love and hospitality. Its a custom to not make guests work so many of the family members refused to give chores to the GG students, but with the persistent qualities we all have we found things to do and we helped the families in anything they allowed us to do.

Many students were able to cook, clean, and even work in the fields. If they were lucky enough the family had a child that stayed at home. Learning about the daily lives of the women and men allowed us to open our eyes to the real struggle many families face in rural areas. We learned how  they cultivated the products the whole family consumed and how they benefitted from their agrarian customs. It was a privilege to be a part of something so impactful even if it was only for a few hours. I believe everyone learned to appreciate the things each of us have and we realized the real struggle for people who are less fortunate than us. Being exposed to such a reality allows students to comprehend the lives of those who are destitute of the many luxuries we have in the states.

Granted that today was  a reality challenge, we were all still able to empathize with the daily struggles of our families. In summary, eyes that were once closed to a rural Nicaraguan lifestyle are now wide open.

Home :) Making Pan!Host Hijo!Chicks!Cleaning beans...