Fun day! Today, the Glimpsers and GG Leaders were woken up at a generous 7 o’clock. Sharp. We walked to our favorite breakfast joint, Su Pollo Listo. There, we were greeted with the pleasant and familiar smell of cinnamon. We ate a delicious breakfast of Nicaraguan style eggs, gallo pinto and bread. After breakfast, we returned to the hostel and the Glimpsers eagerly awaited for the arrival of the beloved money exchanger. Even though he arrived egregiously late, the Glimpsers were still ecstatic to switch their American dollars to Nicaraguan Cordobas.
Because it was a free day, groups slowly splintered off and did what they wished. Some people met with their respective Nicaraguan friends and went on a fresh hike. They reported enjoying a swim in a majestic pool that was supplied by a small but sufficient waterfall. Another group spent time at the local cafe, Seleccion Nicaraguense. They ordered rich papaya and mango smoothies and variations of coffee drinks. The cafe was a convenient escape from the sweltering heat outside. Many other groups used their free day to get some neglected souvenir shopping done and to call their loved ones (parents) at cyber cafes. Additionally a select few caught up on some well deserved rest.
At lunch time, Glimpsers had a choice to eat lunch at the much appreciated restaurant, Su Pollo Listo, or to have lunch on their own. Half of us ate at Su Pollo Listo and the other half devoured tasty quesadillas, enormous hamburgers, etc. After lunch, people continued with their free day shenanigans. A couple Glimpsers bought a football, a rare sighting in Nicaragua, and had a friendly game on the street. The game started with two people and gradually snowballed into most of the Glimpsers. Everyone who wanted to play was included. Shortly after, the group was gathered and we trekked to the greatly renowned, Su Pollo Listo, to have dinner. We ate a delectable meal of gallo pinto, shredded beef, bread and a pleasant salad. They also served us a new drink that everyone liked.
Dinner was promptly finished and the entire group scrambled to complete a concise nightly meeting. Everyone participated and respected one another. The new leader impressed the group with his flexibility and he was handed the torch. The meeting was dismissed and the Glimpsers were granted with free time.
Overall, today was a relaxing day and reenergized the Glimpsers for the upcoming CAP (Community Action Project). (I have Iain’s consent to use this photo)