Today we woke up at 5:30 am and got on the bus at 6:30.  We joined the other delegation for the whole day.  We all enjoyed being in others company.  Not only did we join the other delegation, I had a fellow El Lider del Dia from the other delegation.  So Thalia and I shared the role, along with getting everyone to be social and have fun.  It started on our long bus ride to Masaya.  It was a two and a half hour trip.  We sang songs together on the way (even though they are the same songs we have been listening to for the whole trip).  Most of us had gotten to know each other on the way to Masaya but once we got to the museum at the base of the volcano we got to talk more.  We were in the museum for 25 minutes then drove to the top of the volcano.  Even though we could only be up there for 15 minutes, we were all awe-struck by the immensity and beauty of the volcano.  The volcano was releasing massive amounts of gas and it was difficult to see in some areas but in others it was better.  Many glimpsers took photos with each other and we took a group photo.  Then we went shopping at Mercado de Artesanias.  There were many items purchased from small to large.  We all enjoyed bargaining and spending time looking at the beautifully made handcrafted goods.  Afterwards we drove to Tip Top for lunch and had chicken.  Some of us liked it, while others weren’t so fond of it.  But we all enjoyed each others company.  Then we climbed onto the bus to drive to Catarina.  Once we were there we enjoyed the view of the lagoon.  It was gigantic and you could see one of Nicaragua’s most famous lakes.  Then we went shopping (again) and here some people bought some more handcraft goods.  Some people even went and took pictures on horses.  And finally we had the long ride home back to Matagalpa. Most of the glimpsers if not all wanted to hang out more with the other delegation.  So we dropped the other delegation off, went to the hostal for a while, and finally we had dinner.  Everyone attacked the food and we all loved it.  Finally we came back and I handed the torch off to Evan at the nightly meeting.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The top of the Volcano

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Me defying the rules of the sign

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thalia and I (Los Lideres del Dia)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGroup picture at the lagoon in Catarina