Hey, Evan here. I was el lider del dia today.  It was a new thrilling experience for me because I have never been put into such a leadership position before.  We started the day with a delightful meal of pancakes and iced tea at  the well known Su Pollo Listo. After that, we had a hand to hand combat team builder game of ninja.  After spending five minutes getting ready for the upcoming day ahead of us, we all got onto a bus which lead us to the location for our Community Action Project (CAP), Oasis for Hope.

Upon arriving at our destination, we first moved broken desks destined for repair to their revival room.  Six of us glimpsers traveled with four of the locals to purchase materials for our CAP.  The group I went with traveled to a lumberyard to get wood for all of our projects.  The other group of students and locals went to multiple locations in order to obtain many materials such as nails, screws, sheet metal, and huge sheets of stucco.  As we feebly attempted to remove all of these things from the rented pickup truck, it started to pour down rain so hard to the point where we could not even remove the stucco from the truck.  We had to cover the stucco with plastic to ensure its safety.  After everything was brought inside, we had a lunch delivered to us from the almighty Su Pollo Listo.  We had a healthy and nutritious meal of tacos, salad, and mango juice.

After our meal, and we had our materials, we really got down to work.  There were four groups working at a time.  One group working on fixing tables and chairs for the school of that community, another for building a latrine for the school, a different group for fixing roofs and floors of peoples houses in the community, and the last group was building divisions for the room of the health clinic.  While trying to work on our project, we experienced certain challenges that we quickly overcame and pushed through.  While reflecting on the question of the day as el lider del dia, how will our CAP project affect the community, I noticed that the volunteering locals were very excited and into the project.  However, in doing so, I think that they wanted to take full ownership over our well-designed CAP.!  But if we approach tomorrow with an assertive, ready-to-work attitude we will truly work as a team and swiftly finish this project!

After saying our goodbyes for the day, we left Oasis for Hope and got onto the bus to get back to our home away from home–Hostel Don Popo. As we got back, most of us quickly prepared for our ensuing english class.  Then we went to have our dinner at Su Pollo Listo, which consisted of chicken, rice, avocado, a tortilla, and salad adorned with tomatoes.  With about twenty minutes to get our stuff together, we trekked to our english classes and proceeded to teach our classes.  After such a long day, it was nice to calm down and relax with our regular nightly meeting.

Overall today was a long hectic day with many ups and downs, but when you get down do it I am proud of my fellow Global Glimpsers for what we did today.  We pushed through a lot, and we accomplished a lot.  I think that this CAP will be a very successful project, and I am looking forward to see its completion.