Hello, this is Michael Rocha. Today it was my turn to finally be leader of the day. Being leader was actually not  as intimidating as I imagined it. The day went very smooth and at the same time we accomplished several things. We started off the day waking up at 6:00 am,  suprisingly I had no one snapping at me because i was ruining their beauty sleep. we later left to Su Pollo Listo and had yet again another wonderful breakfast prepared by our cooks. later on we continued our CAP  (community action plan). During my project we were finishing up on the division of the clinic. This was basically building two room as well as two doors. From the start me and my other two group members felt overwhelmed over how much we had to get done in such little time, which was about 15 hours in total. In about an hour into todays project we all felt frustrated because there was a lot of energy put into cutting wood with the hand saw, nailing every piece of wood about ten times, as well as because we had to wait hours on the rest of the material to arrive. However in my prospective every individual put 110 percent onto their projects as well. Although by the time all of the projects were finished we were about half an hour to an hour behind schedule, everything was great. The holes on the roofs were covered, all the chair and tables were not just fixed but also painted, the holes inside the church and school was covered, we built a nice and sturdy latrine, as well as  the division of the clinic. As you can see we took on a big challenge, and I can honestly say we followed through with it. I really felt happy because I know all this hard work is going to make a big difference in the community.

After the CAP project we went to dinner and anxiously awaited for our english class. When the time finally came to go to our class everyone was both excited and sad because it was our last day teaching our students. We all got so attached to our students that it was hard to say our last goodbye’s. After giving them their certificates of accomplishment we all had a silent and depressing walk home. Most of us were saddened by the thought of never seeing these wonderful and hardworking students again. We all gave our all in the preparation and execution of teaching our students and hoped that we made a difference in their higher education achievements. It is really important for the Global Glimpse participants to feel like we can make a change in students education and how we all give our time and dedication for them it was obvious they were appreciative of our teaching.

All in all today was very memorable and I can say we have grown from this experience as a whole. These events are moments that we can all look back at and realize how each and every one of us can make a difference in someones life not only one person,but in a community as well. Making a change is something every one wish they could do and for us to say we had the amazing opportunity to be part of an event like this will be unforgettable and life changing for all of us.