IMG_0920Hello Everyone!

Today was a day meant to learn all about the Nicaraguan culture through hands-on preparation of a popular dish called “Nacatamales”. We also had the opportunity to make jewelry and crafts from paper out of recycled items. We were blessed to listen to speeches and stories that the women of San Ramon had the strength to tell us. Women from different communities told us about their  journeys and how they got to where they stand now. All experienced hardships since gender equality is still a struggle here in Nicaragua like it is in many countries. Many women were told they did not have the ability to achieve their dreams yet they each proved the men wrong. To this day the women of Nicaragua are still struggling to gain their rights.

We learned that every community struggles to make a living to support themselves and their families, yet each community still manages to see the light in things and enjoy their time together as a family. We also realized that the people of Nicaragua try to stay modern in order to keep up with America, although they do preserve their culture, which is very important.

As the leader of the day I really appreciated that every single global glimpser respected my authority and gave me the confidence to lead the day. During lunch many of us enjoyed Brianna talk about herself and her values. I found it inspiring. Michael was definitely a huge trip to spend time with. Everyone is just amazing as a group and really mature.

Thank you Global Glimpsers and Nicaraguans for the day!