Sor Maria Scholar Poses with Sarah and Nachi Zimba Lifting Sor Maria Scholar

Hello Everyone!

Today we had an amazing Education Day. This morning we spent time on a field trip to Sor Maria: a health and education organization. Glimpsers split into three groups and each experienced different activities with the students. Activities included music, arts and crafts. Afterthe hands-on activities, we had piñata celebrations to top the field trip off.

Later on in the day, we had a guest speaker named Eva who spoke with us about her Peace Corps experience; she shared what she has learned about the Nicaraguan education system. The speech she gave provided us with a greater understanding about our experiences when we shadowed high school students and even with the education system we have back at home.

This evening we had our second English tutoring class and from the responses at the nightly meeting, we all had a blast with our students and are passionate for the next class.

I feel as though throughout our conversations and experiences we’ve been able to have a greater understanding and appreciation for education and the impact it has not only on our lives but the lives around us.