It was a beautiful morning here in Matagalpa where we all got to sleep-in until seven instead of six in the morning. Once seven came the entire hostel was filled with energy and excitement for today was our first free day. After Desayuno we came back to the hostel and started to prep for our English class tomorrow. Once English prep was concluded we had free time where we were able to go out on our own to do whatever we wanted to do whether it was going shopping, to the cafe, or going to play basketball. The adventure begins with the group of guys playing basketball with some of the local nicas.

It was a hard game full of sweat and tears of joy to share the victory of our team winning against the local nica team in a hardcore three vs three game. After all the excitement GG Leader Erick Valenzuela decided to join in on the fun and we had a quick four on four match. Once basketball was over it had already been one hour so I and Erick decided to see what the others were doing so we began to walk after group 2 designated location which was the coffee plaza. There we went shopping and just spending money left to right buying anything we found cute,beautiful, or Tuani. When the shopping spree was over we headed back to the hostel where I and Erick had some coffee with the other delegation that we ran into.

Another hour had past and now we are close to Almuerzo so we decide to head back and regroup so we can pack our bags for a field trip to the waterfall Cascada Blanca. Before we got to the waterfall we had to take the public bus system which was fun but a little space could had made this experience the best. Once we had arrived we had a small break to pay for the tour and just to relax a little before having real fun. The tour brought us to a beautiful waterfall where we had the opportunity to jump in the water and just have some fun in the sun. As we continued through the tour after our brief break we were shown kissing rock and a mushroom shaped rock that had some type of myth to it.On our way back we had went to Cena and after Cena we had some more free time to shower before we ended the day with our nightly meeting where I passed down the torch to my friend Erik.