After our long free day yesterday, everyone woke up “hellah” tired as my fellow Global Glimpsers would say. No one wanted to really wake up but after a cold shower, well as you know it woke them up. Everyone knew they were going to be having a big day today. We went to go hike Selva Negra. Selva Negra is located between the cities of Jinotega and Matagalpa. This place is known to be the original coffee eco-lodge, it has received international accolades for its effort to promote sustainable tourism and organic farming. It distributes over 400,00 pounds of coffee annually to places like Whole Foods.

The sites there were a beauty, there was no doubt that it was a tourist spot to go to. Everyone enjoyed the view, everyone in my group came to show there photogenic side taking countless photos. After that we came back only to be more creative and see a new type of art Nicas use. We made a card using corn husk to decorate the covers. Not knowing that we could use things like that to make something as beautiful as a fresh new flower. The amount of creativity I saw from my group was shocking. I was happy to see how people went to making ninja turtles with corn husk, teddy bears, angels, turtles, flowers they seen on the hike. People first to think that corn husk is just trash but now we as global glimpsers learned that  “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We eventually had a bit of free time after all these things we did. Everyone tried to enjoy it to the best because our Global Glimpse Team knew we had one more objective to get done, which was to teach our Nica kids, teens, and adults English.

I can honestly say that our English classes get better and better but that sometimes the kids I teach can be really evil after our class is done. They took my hat, my beanie, my sweater, and tried to tie me up. I tried constantly time after time to get my things back for about an hour. This now caused me, the leader of the day, to push the schedule back a bit more.  Although there 6 kids trying to runaway with my things, at the end I got my things back with the help of my Global Glimpse team. It was a long stressful day for some and tiring for other but we got through it. Eventually passing the torch to the new GG leader Yessenia only wishing her luck tomorrow too, ’cause being a GG leader is pretty tough. As Spider Mans Uncle once told him, “With power comes great responsibility”.

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