IMG_0632Hello everyone!  After a great breakfast at Abya Yala, we ventured out for the first time onto the streets of Matagalpa. We visited the local mercado, a beautiful cathedral, and numerous historical landmarks. The students picked up on a lot of local history; in particular, we learned that Matagalpa is the birthplace of the Sandinsta movement.  The Sandinsta experience got real when we heard from the incredible Sonia Hernandez, a guerilla fighter and member of the Sandinsta party.  Students were riveted as Sonia shared her story of heartache and ultimate triumph. Later, we hopped on the bus, which is driven by the best bus driver in Central America, Carlos, and rode up a steep mountain to catch an incredible view of Matagalpa from Cerro El Calvario. Brayan took many selfies. Michael and Allison plotted a hike up another mountain during an upcoming free day.  Before descending the mountain, Eliza led us in a game of Whaa!, which Nachi played expertly. Ultimately, a local legend, Madai, was victorious.