Hi June 3rd Global Glimpsers!

We are your Group Leaders, Maria Tobo and Catalina Atria. We are super excited about our trip to Matagalpa in four weeks and hope you are too! We will be meeting at RASOTA (room 217) on May 13th at 6:30pm. If you can’t make it, we will meet you at the International Terminal at SFO on June 2nd at 10:30pm. We sent you an email a few days ago with details and we will go over them once again during the meeting and our call to you in the coming days.

About Catalina: Feel free to call me Ms. Cata; last names are a little odd to me. I am a Spanish and English teacher at June Jordan School for Equity in SF. I moved from Chile in 2008 and <3 the Bay Area. I love to travel and can’t wait to be in Matagalpa. I especially like to run, box, knit, read, and hula hoop. I will bringing my ukulele which I am learning to play. I have traveled in Asia, North and South America, Europe, and visited Morocco. I warn you now: traveling is highly addictive. Expect to be making plans to visit other regions of the globe as soon as you get home. You will learn so much about yourself by learning so much about others; it is truly magical.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns (email or call). Either way, we will be calling you before our May 13th meeting. Remember to stay healthy before we leave, so you can enjoy and make the most of this journey.