Today was fun day number one. We woke up dark and early at 5 in the morning to get ready for the day. With breakfast on the bus, the three hour journey took us to Cocoa River which runs through a large canyon. We hiked in style sporting our fancy life jackets for half an hour until reaching the bottom of the canyon. With the help of our three professional tour guides, we trekked through water and rocks for hours. When the opportunity arose, each adventurer was invited to jump off a boulder into the river safely with the help of the fancy life jackets. The eleven foot plunge was nothing compared to the jump we later took that nearly tripled in size and excitement. After walking through the water with the wonderful sensation that is wet socks, we came to a small boat. We took this new form of transportation down the river further to hop out and walk to the bus with the beating sun on our faces to conclude our sojourn.

Today was the perfect opportunity for us  to relax and divert ourselves from the busy schedule and activities we have planned everyday. Running through a canyon and shoving our friends into the water was the best way to accomplish this.

I’m sure that everyone was surprised by their own sense of adventure today. Cliff diving was certainly new for many of us. Standing atop the diving point was a thrill in its own. Marching through the water bumbling and stumbling over the obstacles was challenging for some, a cake walk for others, but fun for all.

It is time for me to go now. Besides my pen seems to be running ou…